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American National Standard – Vibration Testing Requirements and Acceptance Criteria for Shipboard Equipment
standard by American National Standards of the Acoustical Society of America, 11/20/2001

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This standard describes procedures for vibration testing of shipboard equipment, specifying amplitude,frequency, and endurance requirements.

The tests are intended to locate resonances of the equipment and impose endurance tests at these frequencies, if any. The frequency range of the tests is 4 Hz to 50 Hz (100 Hz for reciprocating machinery-mounted equipment).

This standard is applicable to the following shipboard equipment:

  • control and instrumentation,
  • navigation and communication,
  • mast-mounted equipment,
  • machinery components.

  • For special machinery, equipment and installations such as antennae, large machinery items and certain unusual designs, it may be necessary to deviate from this standard, subject to approval by the parties concerned.

    The maximum size and mass of equipment and machinery that can be tested in accordance with this standard cannot be defined because the capacities of available vibration-testing machines vary. Furthermore, a given piece of equipment or machinery, although too large to be accommodated on a vibration-testing machine, may be separated into components that are small enough for testing. Control and instrumentation equipment, although often attached to larger pieces of machinery, are tested in this manner. Separating equipment into component parts for vibration testing must be approved by buyer or acceptance authority.

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