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American National Standard Procedure for Measuring the Ambient Noise Level in a Room
standard by American National Standards of the Acoustical Society of America, 02/24/2015

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This standard specifies requirements and describes procedures for the measurement of ambient noisein a room. The measurements may be made at a specified point in the room, in a defined region ofthe room, or the measurements may be made to represent the space-average sound pressure levelthroughout the room. Two methods are offered: a survey method for quick evaluation and anengineering method for a more precise assessment of the ambient noise level. Both fixed and movingmeasurement microphones are allowed. The scope of this standard includes all types of ambientnoise including building utility systems and exterior noise intrusion from street traffic and aircraft.Noise sources excluded from the scope of this standard include noise from building occupants andtransient noise sources. The results of the measurements obtained via this standard are intended tobe used to compare measured sound pressure levels with acoustic criteria similar to those presentedin ANSI/ASA S12.2. It should be noted that by its very nature, ambient noise is not always stationaryin time. Consequently, one should not expect to obtain identical results when a procedure specified inthis standard is used in the same room at a different time.

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